We welcome you in an ancient family house, which was built on the banks of

the Allier river by Dr. Marsset in the late 19th century.

The home decor combines eras and styles, art books a strewn throughout the house, the gentle sound of the river creates a relaxed atmosphere in every room.

On the ground floor, come enjoy its two lounges.

The balcony is perfect to have breakfast while contemplating the Cluniac priory, the medieval bridge, the bocce players competing.

A charming garden with plenty of shade will welcome you for a calm break.

Art and interior design professional in Paris until 2016, we decided to utilize this experience into a personal project which could accommodate a collection of furnitures and works of art.


The Maison CHA-RI-VA-RI project is first and foremost the result of a deep attachment to the village, a crush for this 19th century house and the desire of a life-changing experience.


An important rehabilitation campaign started in 2013 in order to create a guest house, as well as an exhibition room open to the village public.

The CHA-RI-VA-RI project